Whether you want to learn to dance, choreograph your first dance as a couple, or prepare for a special event, we are here to help. Our professional dance coaches will guide you through our curriculum each step of the way to ensure you understand the music, body movement, connection, and dance steps in a structured and systematic way.

Lessons can be purchased individually as you go, or save money with a package of four lessons. Each lesson is an hour long and allows a maximum of two people.


   Learn With A Plan

Your first session is an assessment. We’ll discover your current level and what are your dance goals. Every eighth lesson you will receive a 15-minute assessment so that you can track your progress toward achieving your goal.


  Learn The Details

Each lesson is packed with a lot of information and individual attention, so do not be surprised if you find yourself learning twice as fast. You will learn important details and receive corrections specific to you. 

Be sure to bring a recording device (mobile phone will do) to film what was taught during each class. We will also keep a detailed history of your lessons in order to help you track your progress.


  Learn When You Want

Learn at your own pace and schedule around your busy life. Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience.

Our availability varies weekly. If you decide to do a package of four lessons, we will pick a time and day that works best for you and reserve that time-slot for the remainder of your package.


  Learn Where You Want

We hold private lessons at the following locations:

  1. Synergy Dance Zone (7480 Miramar Rd, San Diego, Ca 92126).
  2. A Time To Dance (3982 30th St, San Diego, Ca 92104).
  3. Your home (ask about this option when booking your lesson).


  Learn with Multiple Instructors

When you buy packages to receive a discounted rate, you can mix and match choosing from any of our instructors.

You can develop a unique style of dancing by learning from instructors with various backgrounds, learn partnering technique from both a leader and a follower, and explore multiple genres of dance to find your favorite.

Each lesson is $100 and you save $50 by buying a package of four lessons. We always suggest paying for one lesson at first to get an idea of how we teach and break things down. If at the end of the lesson you go home and decide you liked how it all went and want to continue, your initial payment will apply toward the package deal.