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Whether you want to learn how to Salsa dance socially, choreograph your first dance as a couple, or prepare for a special event, we are here to help.

Lessons can be purchased individually, or save money with a package of four lessons. Each lesson is an hour long and allows a maximum of two people.

 Learn How to Salsa Dance with a Plan

In your first lesson, we’ll discover your current dance level and make a plan to reach your dance goals.

We will guide you through our curriculum from start to finish to ensure you understand Salsa rhythms, body movement, the most important Salsa dance moves, and how to connect as leaders and followers.

  Learn How to Salsa Dance with Two Instructors

Salsa Dancing is a partner dance. You will have 2 instructors, one leader and one follower, to demonstrate the moves, provide tips, and dance with you. 

Learn Details Not Covered in Group Classes

With private Salsa Dance lessons, we are able to get into the details that aren’t covered in most group classes. This allows you to get a better understanding of the fundamental concepts before moving on to more complex moves.

Be sure to bring a video recording device (mobile phone will do) to capture a summary of what was taught during each class. We will also keep detailed notes of your lessons in order to track your progress.

  Learn How to Salsa Dance When You Want

Learn at your own pace and schedule around your busy life. Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or other arrangement.

Our availability varies weekly. If you decide to do a package of four lessons, we can find a time and day that works best for you and reserve that time-slot for the remainder of your package.

  Learn How to Salsa Dance Where You Want

We hold private lessons at the following locations:

  1. Studio K Dance & Fitness, 9340 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste F, San Diego, CA 92123
  2. Infinity Dance Sport, 7243 Engineer Rd B, San Diego, CA 92111
  3. Our online classes at are like having private lessons in your home.